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Business oportunity detection

Business oportunity detection

To find the right oportunity in real estate means a good location and an accurate analysis. We are able to find good spots and, with our comprehensive Investment analysis, we allow you to take the best decisions.

Legal and funding

Legal and funding Strategy

An appropiate legal and tax advisement avoids further problems. A correct funding strategy allows an efficient cash-flow design and  a time planning minimisation

Project management

Technical Project

Söder’s team has a strong technical background. We know that a balance between architectural design, cost control and construction rationality are the keys to success.

Strategy and business

Strategy and Business Plan

Merging of Opportunity Analysis, legal and funding strategy and technical advising becomes a real and feasable Business Plan. The project is ready to go.

Technical Project

Project Management

Theory needs to become reality. Procedures, administration, Cost control, technical supervisation, we know them all and how to go ahead on the good direction.

Turnkey investment

Turnkey Investment Project

A long term planning, and decisions taken at the right time. We want to be the yout partners and your right hand in your Real Estate Investments in Barcelona.

Why us?


Our deep Knowledge of the Real State Market in Barcelona and surroundings allows us to spot the best investment opportunities.


Our management team has strong legal, finance and technical skills that covers all angles of the investment and gives support to the investor through all the process.


It is in the top of our priorities to be completely honest and transparent, especially with our costumers but also with the rest of the players of the project.


We always stand aside our customers to maximize the profit of the investment protecting them of any contingency.


Söder is managing three actual projects at this moment in the city of Barcelona and we have developed several projects in the past, in Söder and in previous professional positions in Catalonia and abroad.


We are born and raised in Barcelona and we have a long professional career in the industry that provides us a large local network that allows us to find solutions for any circumstances.

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