The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Söder CORPORATE: Company focused in real estate investment management. Researches, identifies and evaluates real estate opportunities in Barcelona. Company designs and plans investment strategy and manages the entire project to completion. Coordination and management of financial, legal, tax, real estate, architecture and construction.

Eduard Jarque

Eduard Jarque

Business Administration Graduate and MBA by ESADE. He has held many management positions in several sectors, with extensive experience in developing own projects. One of the newest, EKR Iberoamericana, is a construction company in Ecuador, launched in 2011 by Eduard. The company is now fully consolidated and working fully independent, both with private (Odebrecht , Sacyr, etc …) and public clients.
Project strategy and financial feasibility are the areas in which Eduard excels and that allow Söder to maximize every euro invested by our clients in their project. Eduard expresses himself fluently in Catalan, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

“Profitability will not only get a good project, but also an optimization of financial resources, both equity and external financing.”

Silvia Cabrera

Sílvia Cabrera

Lawyer with seventeen years of experience in the legal field, specializing in property transfers and purchases. There are two areas in which Sílvia’s legal approach becomes essential: first, Customer’s legal protection, especially during project acquisition procedure. On the other hand, designing corporate, tax and legal aspects are essential for ensuring our clients’ investment strength. Apart from Catalan and Spanish, Silvia speaks English, French and Swedish.

“The dynamics of the real estate market forced Barcelona to be very agile and effective in the due diligence prior to ensure a project without any legal problems.”

Roger Fernandez

Roger Fernàndez

Civil Engineer and MBA. He was Technical Director of a real estate and construction company for 8 years. Roger has a long experience in construction and real estate both in Catalonia and abroad. In this latter point, he created and developed a real estate subsidiary in Hungary, and launched several projects in France and Ecuador. In 2012 he founded Söder and Marken from which he is currently the manager. At Söder Corporate, Roger leads project’s real estate analysis and technical management. In addition to Catalan and Spanish, Roger also dominates, French, English, Swedish and Italian.

“Our added value lies in achieving maximum quality combined with expenses budget control.”

Söder Corporate generates, advises and manages investments in the real estate market in Barcelona. We are experts in finding and developing attractive projects that match each investor’s specific criteria. Söder globally manages the overall real estate project in order to obtain maximum profitability and legal and technical security so a successful project can be achieved. Corporate Söder always works under the premise of maximum transparency, absolute orientation towards the investor and a total ethic commitment in all our activities.

Söder Property Management was established in 2012 as a real estate buyer’s agent company focused to private foreign clients. Our skills in the areas of opportunities research and analysis, development of turnkey projects and project global management became the mainstays of the company. Our customers’ trust led us in 2015 to create a new division focused on real estate investor: Söder Corporate was born.

The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


Our deep Knowledge of the Real State Market in Barcelona and surroundings allows us to spot the best investment opportunities.


Our management team has strong legal, finance and technical skills that covers all angles of the investment and gives support to the investor through all the process.


It is in the top of our priorities to be completely honest and transparent, especially with our costumers but also with the rest of the players of the project.


We always stand aside our customers to maximize the profit of the investment protecting them of any contingency.


Söder is managing three actual projects at this moment in the city of Barcelona and we have developed several projects in the past, in Söder and in previous professional positions in Catalonia and abroad.


We are born and raised in Barcelona and we have a long professional career in the industry that provides us a large local network that allows us to find solutions for any circumstances.

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